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Year 2014 & latest

The latest Information can be accessed on our database website "Maritime Forum" described below.


Year 2012&2013

In 2012, we had completed to produce the educational DVD of Engine-room Resource Management(ERM) as announced in 2011.

We thought a DVD was a useful tool to understand the competence of ERM, so we suggested that IMO include it in their Model course.

As a result, it was involved in the item “Video (DVDs) & CDs”, Part A: Course Framework for all functions of MODEL COURSE 7.04 OFFICER IN CHARGE OF AN ENGINEERING WATCH.

We had a presentation of ERM at the Sub-committee on Standards of Training and Watchkeeping 44th session of International Maritime Organization (IMO) which was held in London last May 2013.
You can watch the DVD of ERM online at

Pdf of the abstract of the presentation


Year 2011

The requirements concerning BRM/ERM have been introduced into the competence tables of the STCW Convention and the Code as mandatory requirements for navigation and engineer officers in the 2010 Manila amendments.

The Maritime Human Resource Institute of Japan, therefore organized an ERM expert committee that consisted of members from maritime education institutions, concerned maritime bodies and the shipping industry, to address this issue and to produce this educational DVD. It contains briefings on ERM, its requirements and case examples to allow people to learn what ERM is, what ERM principles are and what should be understood.

Doctor David Gatfield, a professor of the Warsash Maritime Academy who contributed to development of the requirements for ERM in the comprehensive review of STCW Convention and the Code, kindly participated in producing this DVD.

We hope that the lessons learned through this DVD will contribute to your safe navigation.

The same DVD “Engine-room Resource Management (ERM)” and its text will be soon available on the website


Year 2010

In 2009 we were engaged in the production of a DVD entitled "Marine Steam Turbine Plant". That was completed at the end of November 2009.

At the Forty-first Session of the sub-committee on the Standards of Training and Watchkeeping (STCW), which was held in London January 11th ~ 15th 2010, we introduced and freely distributed that DVD.

The same DVD "Marine Steam Turbine Plant" and its text are available on the website

Year 2009

The Department of Technology and Research of this institute has been engaged in the research of the various skills involved in the operation of ships.

This research is the continuation of that previously done by the Mercantile Marine Institute of Japan.

Until now, findings from our research had been provided only in the Japanese language.

We are pleased to advise that from the end of the year 2009 year we have shown our research on the "Marine Steam Turbine Plant " by audio-visual works in English, as well as in Japanese.