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The Department of Technology and Research, which took over from the Maritime Labour Research Institute, has been engaged in researching of problems in maritime labour.

In 2005, this institute organized a domestic ad hoc committee regarding the human element.
The committee has continued to examine the human factor that affects the ships accidents and the safety culture in order to prevent human error.

The committee has developed the guidelines for the less-experienced officers and officer candidates in mind and has come to the conclusion that safe conduct is influenced by the following five factors, "mental health," "physical health", "acquired skill", "team work" and "circumstances."

3 representative case examples were selected to analyze for each factor.

But in order to make it clear and easily understood by less-experienced officers and officer candidates, this booklet introduces the best example of an accident for each factor and explains the "contributing factor", the "cause" and the "preventive measures."

Finally the guidance booklet "Guidelines for safe navigation(English version)"
has been produced in 2008.

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